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 Great Reasons For Your Organization To Join!

1. Pride of Affiliation: Harness and direct your passion. Yes, be part of the change you seek in the Pet Industry. Stand tall for ethics, competency, and transparency and empower your membership or students to promote your alliance with PIAI.

2. Organizational Badge: Organizations that join are provided with a personalized PIAI badge with their organizations name. Sponsors are provided with a personalised Sponsor badge

3. Legislation and Advocacy Support: PIAI will provide regional support and oversight to the development of local legislation and policies to support our joined vision and mission.

4. Connection:  Network with fellow passionate and engaged professionals and organizations. Benefit from mutual support and alignment and the sharing of best practices.

5. Code of Conduct Template: Publish a forwared thinking and highly ethical Code of Conduct for your organization. 

6. Operational Transparency Template: Join your peers in publishing professional business and operational practices in regard to methodology, approach and philosophy. Access and approval to adopt the transparency statement.

7. Annual Meeting: Join an international and national annual meeting where progress updates will be provided, and strategical plans agreed for the following operating period.

8. Educational Resources: Benefit from the development of resources for your memberships and/or students.

9. Competency: Help us build and enact a “Gold Standard” for professional competency through knowledge and skill credentialing across all pet professional disciplines.

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About the coalition

The Pet Industry Advocacy International (PIAI) believes there is a need for a high level of oversight in the pet industry across all professional disciplines. Licensing has been a proposed option, but licensing without a strong underlying ethical code of conduct and a minimum standard for knowledge and skills of service providers does not provide the protection and level of service needed by pet owners and their pets


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