Join Us in Our Mission to Professionalize the Pet Industry Through Ethics, Consumer Protections and Professional Competency

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    • 8 Jan 2023
    • 6:00 PM
    • 19 Jan 2024
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    Join Us in Our Mission to Professionalize the Pet Industry Through Ethics, Consumer Protections and Professional Competency

    For so long so many of us have become frustrated with the lack of oversight in the pet industry. This does not specifically refer to a typical “pay your fees” licensing model, but a model that promotes higher standards for ethics, competency and consumer protection. We believe there are hundreds of organizations operating across the globe that feel the same way we do. Each of us, professionals, organizations and in particular  pets and their people deserve quantifiable positive changes.  

    Now is the time for us all to join together and begin a shared journey aligned around our common interests so we can initiate long-term strategic improvements for our industry and those who practice within it. If you answer yes to these questions, then your organization qualifies to join the coalition. 

    1.       Are you a believer that any type of industry oversight needs to be supported by a strong code of ethics, honest and transparent business practices and proven professional competency through independent knowledge and skill assessment?  
    2.       Are you passionate about the Pet Industry and the professionals who practice within it?
    3.       Would you love to see standardized ethics across the differing job roles, so all professionals working with and around pets not only seek to do no harm but seek to do good?
    4.       Do you believe professionals should be held accountable to transparent and honest business practices providing the concept of informed consent to their clients?
    5.       Are you passionate about moving the industry towards accepting a “Gold Standard” of education in search of high levels of professional competency?
    6.      Do you recognize pets as sentient beings that have emotional, physical, environmental and behavioral needs to be protected and advocated for?

    Join us for this online on demand event. As soon as you register you can listen to the recording.  

About the coalition

The Pet Industry Advocacy International (PIAI) believes there is a need for a high level of oversight in the pet industry across all professional disciplines. Licensing has been a proposed option, but licensing without a strong underlying ethical code of conduct and a minimum standard for knowledge and skills of service providers does not provide the protection and level of service needed by pet owners and their pets


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