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Membership Eligibility - 2 Membership Types

Any Organization Applying To Join PIAI Must Also Provide Links To Publicly Available Documents From Their Own Organizations Website.  

  1.   Code of Ethical Conduct Organizational members should have a code of conduct published on their website to include business, marketing and operational ethics consistent, at a minimum, with the PIAI. Recommended policy is attached.
  2.   Ethics Review Process– Organizational members should have a published professional ethics review process on their website consistent with the PIAI’s ethics procedures.  Recommended policy is attached
  3.   Transparency Statement Regarding Operational Practices – Organizational members should have a published public statement on their website addressing their members’ professional business and operational practices in regard to methodology, approach and philosophy. Recommended verbiage is attached.

During The Application Process

You will need to provide links to your website where important documents are. Please see this PDF that will prepare you for the questions so you can gather your links.  If you do not currently have this information on your site then please download the samples we have, you can edit them to meet your needs

Any pet professional registered organization that currently practices and advocates for ethical, humane science-based services is eligible to join.  Membership organizations will have access to fly the “PIAI Organizational Flag” and their individual members will have access to fly the “PIAI Flag”. Members will also be provided resources to propagate the PIAI mission and goals at a state and international level. 

1. Organization Membership

 Organizations wishing to sign up to the PIAI must have been in business for a minimum of 3 years and have a minimum of 10 members, sponsors  or individuals working or volunteering or studying within the pet industry. In simple terms you have stakeholders, you have accountability over and are not an indivdidual sole proprietor. 

  • Organizations accepted into the PIAI will be granted license to fly the PIAI Membership Badge.
  • Individual members of Member Organizations, who are working, volunteering or pursuing pet industry careers, may fly the PIAI Logo with a link back to the website.
     2. Sponsor Level Members
    • PIAI allows any pet business whose key purpose and function  provides products, retail or wholesale to the pet industry and  who supports and wants to sponsor the PIAI, to join under a sponsor level. Sponsoring organizations must fully comply with the member eligibility in terms of products, tools and services provided/used or sold.

    *PIAI does not offer Individual memberships. Individual Professionals  can fly the PIAI Flag by being members of an organization that is an approved PIAI Member"

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    About the coalition

    The Pet Industry Advocacy International (PIAI) believes there is a need for a high level of oversight in the pet industry across all professional disciplines. Licensing has been a proposed option, but licensing without a strong underlying ethical code of conduct and a minimum standard for knowledge and skills of service providers does not provide the protection and level of service needed by pet owners and their pets


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