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Our initiatives

Here you can review some of our initiatives being worked on

Implementing a Standard Code of Ethical Conduct 

PIAI recognizes the need for a level of oversight in the pet training and services industry, specifically regarding business practices, transparency, and marketing.

The professional growth and improvement of the pet training and services industry depend upon a recognition that the varied sectors found within the industry must be based, first and foremost, on respect for the animals in our care, the people we serve, and our colleagues.

This means PIAI member organizations must continually seek to establish the highest ethical standards for their individual members.

PIAI outlines here  key areas to be included in their organizations Code of Conduct policy.  It also includes a reccomendation of the review process. 

Implementing Transparent  Operational Practices

PIAI believes that all practicing professionals must have a clear, transparent, and publicly available document that speaks to the acceptable methodology, equipment, and philosophy to be used during a service agreement. This policy covers Philosophy, Methodology & Equipment.

PIAI outlines here the minimum requirment for organizational members

 Consumer Protection & Transparency

The marketing and business practices implemented by pet professionals can significantly impact pet owners and their pets – emotionally, environmentally, physically, and psychologically. As such, it is imperative that pet professionals operate to a high standard of moral code in terms of business transparency and consumer protection. It is the position of the PIAI that all business practices and services should be provided to clients with full transparency, informed consent, and be documented.  

For this purpose, the PIAI encourages its member organizations to encourage and/or provide standard template documentation so individual practicing members can provide transparency to clients regarding these important program goals and processes.

Developing a "Gold Standard" for Professional Competency

The PIAI believes that one of its roles is to encourage and set the operating conditions for professionals to meet the “Gold Standard” of education and thus performance of professional knowledge and skills. As such it is the goal of the PIAI to work with each of its member organizations to ensure within a 5-year time frame that they work towards their members holding an independently assessed professional credential. Independently assessed from the organization providing the educational programs of courses of study.

The PIAI will provide guidance, support and infrastructure to support organization members achieving this. Progress of this key initiative will be assessed as the organization evolves and the PIAI Board of Directors will adjust policy and time-lines as needed when working with each organization.  

Competency is mission-critical; therefore, it is important to our industry, the professional, and the pet owner that all professionals are not only educated in the theory of their profession but have all the necessary hands-on teaching and communication skills.

PIAI outlines here the minimum level of positional competency across key positions. 

Developing an Oversight Model

The goal is to develop a progressive model for industry oversight that includes a model of ethics, professional competency and consumer protections.

Stay informed and in touch so you can learn about our progress

About the coalition

The Pet Industry Advocacy International (PIAI) believes there is a need for a high level of oversight in the pet industry across all professional disciplines. Licensing has been a proposed option, but licensing without a strong underlying ethical code of conduct and a minimum standard for knowledge and skills of service providers does not provide the protection and level of service needed by pet owners and their pets


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